Fellowship appointment process [ PDF ] [ text ]

WDGF-Template Letter – 2022-2023


Fellowship Fact Sheet

Graduate assistants (RA/PA/TA)

Titles, definitions & rates

Graduate School academic policies and procedures

CoE Criminal Background Check Policies & Procedures

Research Assistant (RA)

Standard RA offer/appointment letter

Teaching Assistant (TA)

TA appointment process [ PDF ] 

Sample TA Letter – New

Sample continuing TA offer/appointment letter

TAA contract (campus)

TA appointment worksheet (Excel format with calculated fields)

TA worksheet (PDF)

Project Assistant (PA)

PA appointment process [ PDF ] [ text ]

Sample new PA offer/appointment letter

Project Assistant – Position Description template

Sample continuing PA offer/appointment letter

Sample new PA grader/reader appointment letter

Sample continuing PA grader/reader appointment letter

Undergrad Assistant

Undergrad Assistant letter (must be reviewed by Dean’s office)

Student Assistant (SA) – Lecturer

SA-Lecturer appointment process [ PDF ] [ text ]

Posting positions

Post PA & TA positions

Tuition remission and reimbursement

Policy and authorization list

Graduate appointment percentages (Graduate School)

Maximum Levels of Graduate Assistant Appointments (Policy)

Request for exception to maximum levels of graduate assistant appointments (pdf form)

Combined appointments

Maximum Levels of Graduate Assistantship Appointments Policy (Graduate School)

UW-Madison Policy for Supplementation and Concurrent Appointments for Graduate Students Holding Predoctoral Fellowships or Traineeships (Grad School)

Graduate assistant payroll benefits comparison

Hiring/appointing family members (or other close relationship)

Nepotism Policy-Unclassified

CoE policy & procedures

Student hourly

Student Hire – Template

COE Student Hourly Guidelines

Campus Student hourly employment policies

Post student hourly positions (Click on “Register” at top of screen)